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  • Orlando Graham

    In Panama requires people like you, I always think why not put the same enthusiasm in close gun stores and replace them with marijuana dispensaries.

    I would like the opportunity to put a dispensary here in panama but not where to start, I have read much about his work and I do not miss any program you I think your work is phenomenal.

    I would like to learn more and be like you my respects.

    Sorry my English is not very good

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  • Jessica Jones

    A64 in CO…no law has changed, you can’t walk into a dispensary and buy weed just cuz you are 21. It will not be in action until 1/2014. Plz don’t be fooled by the hype.

    • ColoradoCannabisBlog

      You are correct, Jessica… but the information you’re posting is no secret, it’s common knowledge to anyone who bothers to pay attention. It sounds like you might have been the one fooled by whatever “hype” you perceive there to be.

      As we point out in our victory post (, along with pretty much every other media organization reporting this story: the regulations must be worked out during the next session and we expect to have retail establishments sometime around January, 2014. In the meantime, once the election is certified, in a few weeks, Coloradans will be able to grow 6 plants at home and arrests for marijuana possession will stop (for individuals adhering to the limits). This has been public knowledge since the beginning of the campaign. We’re sorry if you were under the wrong impression.

  • Ken Unger

    Hello everyone my name is Ken Unger I’m a 52 year old Handicapped Navy Vet. and a Marijuana POW. I’m looking at 15 years for the 2 plants I was caught with. I used my Marijuana to treat my chronic pain from injuries received while in the Navy. The pain treatment I received from the VA 60 mg of Morphine a day was damaging my body and filling me depression. As a father of 1 young son I was quick tempered anger and sick all the time lashing out at everyone for no good reason. While not new Marijuana I never knew just how well it relieved both the pain and depression. I grew Marijuana for myself to treat my endless pain and depression finding peace as well a relief. I was losing weight built up because of lack of active caused be the endless pain. I was walking & swimming building up my body. I was also addressing the reasons for the depression.
    In 2010 the cops threw a “no knock raid” just for me they came in with 12 heavily armed cops because they felt they were at risk from me a Handicapped Vet. Never mind the facts that a “Meter Maid” with a BB gun could have just as easily done the same job. I was charged with cultivation spent 2 weeks in jail where in the counties loving arms I was overdosed with my own medicines because they couldn’t be bother with reading the label on the bottles. I had to stay in jail while my wife begged our family’s for the money to get me out as well as getting a lawyer. After I was freed my first Lawyer got a offer from the DA an offer I could never take because it included monthly hair based drug test as well as 30 more days in jail mind you before this time I had never had any trouble with the law other then traffic tickets.
    So I told my Lawyer that I could except this deal and I wanted to fight this charges. She suddenly wanted to charge me $9500 instead of the $3000 we agree upon. When it got back to the DA that I choose to fight the cultivation charges he added sales charge an extra 15 years pushing the total time to 30 years or life in prison. He did it to scare me but with the help of Green-Aid my story got on the air and in the news papers & facebook. As more and more people began to protest the trial dates began to be push back I the hope that everyone would forget. I’m now some where between my 6th and 7th new trial date sorry I lost count. However the last new trial date change was because the pressure of all of this and the damage done by long term use of Morphine had damaged my heart so badly had to have a double bypass.
    My new trial date is Nov. 13 2 days after Vet Days. I’m telling you story in the hope that you will take the time to try to help me. While I know if your handicapped like me it’s a major problem to make a trip from Co. to Mo. to help with the protest. However the pressure of letters & emails to the DA as well as the court tell them just how wrong this whole thing could help. You know as well as I do when you live with chronic pain you would do anything to stop it. That why I grew the medicine I needed to relieve my pain. You also know just how unjust it is for me to not even be allowed to bring it up in court because here in Mo. according to the law marijuana has no medical use. I’m not even allowed to bring any of my health problems in court unlike the worst rapist I’m not allowed to bring up the true reason for my crimes.
    If you would like to know more about me or my crimes here’s a web site you can hear me in my own word explain it
    Be safe and thank you for reading my story
    Ken Unger

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