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Aug 14 2013

Breaking Bad & The War on Drugs

Here at the Colorado Cannabis Blog, we’ve been fans of AMC’s hit show, Breaking Bad for quite some time now… not only do we view it as a well-done show, complete with great writing, cinematography and acting, but it also shines light on some very serious problems in our country. First of all, it highlights some …

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Oct 17 2012

Eugene Jarecki On The Daily Show

Checkout this recent clip from The Daily Show with director, Eugene Jarecki discussing his new film, “The House I Live In“. Jarecki tells viewers that “we have in this country a system of industrialized mass incarceration. We are the largest jailer in the world. We have 2.3 million people behind bars.” After a quick joke from …

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Jul 31 2012

Robert Platshorn Needs Your Help!

Robert Platshorn is America’s longest imprisoned nonviolent marijuana offender (30 years). He is the author of The Black Tuna Diaries and the focus of the film, Square Grouper (available on Netflix). He works hard to advance the cause of medical marijuana, collecting signatures for a Florida ballot initiative sponsored by PUFMM and NORML. He has appeared at Universities, …

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May 07 2012

Free The Plant!

Checkout this new illustration, “Free The Plant“, brought to you by The Colorado Cannabis Blog! This image is available for purchase on multiple products including stickers, magnets, buttons, posters, postcards, and iPad sleeves. Your purchase helps keep the Colorado Cannabis Blog ad-free and helps us pay to keep the site going! IMPORTANT: This image is …

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