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Oct 25 2011

The Tipping Point? 50% of Americans Favor Legalization

After a Gallup survey last year found that 70% of Americans support the use of medical marijuana, the numbers are now favoring recreational legalization as well. According to this recent survey, “Support for legalizing marijuana has been increasing over the past several years, rising to 50% today — the highest on record. If this current trend on legalizing …

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Sep 15 2011

Wired.com: The Price of Pot

via Wired.com created by FloatingSheep.com

The Price of Pot Infoporn: The Price of Pot via Wired.com created by FloatingSheep.org. Info taken from PriceOfWeed.com

Sep 15 2011

Know Your Rights

Sep 13 2011

Safety In Numbers

Reducing prison reliance can make us safer.