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Oct 26 2012

Marijuana Majority

Make sure to catch the new pro-cannabis website launched earlier this week: MarijuanaMajority.com The new site features all types cannabis supporting celebrities, ranging from Snoop Dog to Sarah Palin as well as other political leaders, scientists, authors, business leaders, economists, actors, artists, athlestes, musicians, medical professionals, religeous leaders, members of the media, as well as law …

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Aug 09 2011

40th Anniversary of the War On Drugs

On 40th Anniversary of “War on Drugs,”Cops Release Report Showing its Failure WASHINGTON, DC — In conjunction with this week’s 40th anniversary of President Nixon declaring “war on drugs,” a group of police, judges and jailers who support legalization released a report today showing how the Obama administration is ramping up a war it disingenuously claims that …

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