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May 15 2012

THC DUID Bill Fails!

The THC DUID Bill has failed! Big thanks to all the amazing activists that showed up at the Capitol to defend our freedom. While we have no doubt that we’ll be fighting a similar bill next time, the patients in this state are safe for now! Great work, Colorado!  

Apr 30 2012

ACTION ALERT: Oppose THC DUID per se bill

via MPP: Late last week, SB 117 — introduced by Sen. Steve King — passed out of the Senate Committee on Appropriations and now awaits an up or down vote by the full Senate. This bill would declare anyone with five nanograms of THC per milliliter of their whole blood guilty of driving under the …

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Feb 24 2012

URGENT: Help Stop THC DUID per se bill, SB 117

~via SAFER: The Colorado legislature is once again considering a bill that could result in unimpaired marijuana consumers being criminalized for “driving under the influence.”  The Colorado Senate Committee on State, Veterans and Military Affairs will meet this Monday, February 27, at 1:30 p.m. to hear testimony on SB 117. Like a similar bill that failed last …

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Nov 30 2011

CU Releases “Groundbreaking” Medical Marijuana Study

From The Colorado Independent: “A study released Tuesday by the University of Colorado Denver indicates that the legalization of medical marijuana reduces alcohol consumption and, as a result, alcohol-related traffic deaths without a corresponding increase in deaths caused by stoned drivers. The study, hailed as “groundbreaking” by the University, is the first to examine the effect of legalizing medical …

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