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Dec 15 2013

Cop’s 911 Call for “Marijuana Overdose” Airs on National TV

Most of you reading this post have probably already heard about (and had a good laugh at) the police officer who stole marijuana from a crime scene several years ago, proceeded to bake some ganja brownies with it and then called 911 when he though he and his wife were going to die from an …

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Sep 09 2013

High Times’ Seattle Cannabis Cup Tribute to Fallen Activist, Jenny Kush

We’re out in Seattle this week, covering High TImes’ Cannabis Cup in Seattle and were touched to see High Times honor our friend, fallen activist, Jenny Kush during last night’s awards ceremony. Bobby Black took the stage to announce the winner for Best Hash, but first, he took a moment to mention Jenny and in tribute, he …

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Aug 14 2013

Breaking Bad & The War on Drugs

Here at the Colorado Cannabis Blog, we’ve been fans of AMC’s hit show, Breaking Bad for quite some time now… not only do we view it as a well-done show, complete with great writing, cinematography and acting, but it also shines light on some very serious problems in our country. First of all, it highlights some …

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Apr 14 2013

Denver Braces For Historical Week-Long 420 Celebration

As most of you already know by now, Denver (and the rest of Colorado) is gearing up for what will be one of the most epic weeks in Colorado cannabis history. Next week, Colorado will welcome High Times Magazine as they bring us the first Annual US High Times Cannabis Cup. Denver will host one of the …

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