Jul 03 2012

Become A Burrito Taster!

Here at The Colorado Cannabis Blog, we don’t condone teenage drug use of any kind, but we do believe that efforts to educate our children should be based on fact and true education, as opposed to the mindless drivel our generation was taught. While today’s cannabis prohibitionists might not be as dramatic as the Reefer Madness generation saw, they certainly continue to grasp at straws in order to justify cannabis prohibition. Example: this mindless ad from “Above The Influence” argues that “there aren’t many jobs out there for potheads” …guess nobody every told them about the economic benefits that would come with regulation. According to a report by ABC News a few years ago, “marijuana is a cash crop in the U.S. valued at $35.8 billion annually compared to $23.3 billion for corn and $7.5 billion for wheat.” There may not currently be a lot of job opportunities out there for “potheads” but there is only one reason for that to be the case- PROHIBITION. The legalization and regulation of cannabis and hemp would usher in considerable job growth… farming, packaging, distribution, marketing, etc. Tip of the hat to the strong minds behind “Above The Influence” …thanks for the heads up on the “dangers” of the cannabis plant.

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  • Sharecannabisseeds

    hope you will succeed!

  • Charlotte Barnes

    Hey, just dropping a line of support from the UK. My husband and I have been watching the programme (hopefully) for a few weeks now and we’re sending our best regards to everyone. If there are any petitions/flyers we can help distribute around Europe to help the cause for medical marajuana please let us know.