Sep 14 2011

North American Hemp Co.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil For Hair…

Hemp seed oil in hair care products provide rich omega-3, 6, & 9 Essential Fatty Acids, nutrients proven to help maintain beautiful and healthy hair.

Although hair is not a living part of your body, it is still important to know that healthy, shiny hair is supported by the scalp’s natural lubricating oils.

The production of these oils known as sebum, decreases with age, so increasing your intake of omega-3 is a vital first step in your hair care regime. Hemp seeds also contain essential amino acids which can help individuals who suffer from excess sebum production known as seborrhea. Equally important is using hemp seed oil externally. This will restore moisture and will add shine and managebility to your hair.

Hemp has excellent healing and moisturizing properties. Because of its Essential Fatty Acids profile, hemp seed oil instantly counteracts the effects of degreasing and dehydration, conditions that produce dry hair and scalp. In addition to improving the structural quality of the hair, hemp seed oil’s high lipid content helps increase elasticity, volume, combability and shine.


  • Amino acids play an important role in women’s health issues & are important to nearly every chemical process in the body that affects physical and mental function.
  • Hemp is an excellent source of protein. It boasts a complete spectrum of natural organic proteins, with all 20 amino acids used in the human body, including all eight essential amino acids. The proteins found in hemp are similar to proteins found in the human body. This is important because hemp provides the correct amino acids in the right quantities to help our bodies make the proteins it needs. Hemp is also free of oligosaccharides, the component that can cause gas and upset stomach.


  • Hemp seed oil also provides an adequate supply of antioxidants (Vitamin E), B1, B2, B3, & C, carotene (precursor to Vitamin A), phytosterols, phospholipids and a number of minerals including calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, along with modest amounts of iron and zinc. Hemp seed oil also provides a good source of chlorophyll.



Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil For Skin…

Readily absorbed and penetrates deeply into your skin to provide:

  • A smoother, more youthful and healthy skin
  • Moisturization that improves softness & smoothness to reduce fine lines, stretch marks and abrasions.
  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing effects reduce the symptoms of acne, psoriasis, eczema and Fibromyalgia skin related problems.

Formulated for all skin types, North American Hemp Co. products can actually help minimize visible signs of biological and environmental aging by nourishing, restoring and balancing the skin.

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