Aug 27 2012

Sept. 19th: Save MMJ From Dan May

We’d like to take a moment to share this message from Colorado Springs based mmj center, Rocky Mountain Miracles. Please share this information widely, show up on September 19th to show your support, and donate today:

We need your help. Ali is going to appear before a jury on 19 September in Colorado Springs at the El Paso County Disctrict Court. The “People of the State of Colorado vs. Ali Hillery, MMJ center owner and patients’ rights activist. Even as a center, she is being charge with possession with intent to distribute…  Ali is a registered MMJ center owner and is under threat of not only the closure of another American-owned business but also the threat of a jail sentence. This case will not only affect Ali.  The case will likely set a precedent for when a plant is a plant, how are clones counted. When does a patient become a patient…?

Help us to protect patients’ rights and the rights of the medical marijuana dispensaries from the aggressive actions of the District Attorney, Dan May.  Please share this information with your friends and family, show up on September 19th at 8:00am at The El Paso County Disctrict Court to show your support and donate today, we need your HELP!

(some very minor editing has been done for the purposes of this post, click here to read the original call for help)

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