Aug 16 2012

Amendment 64 Would Bring Significant Economic Benefits

Many of us already know of the economic benefits that would come with regulating marijuana like alcohol, but the Colorado Center on Law and Policy has recently released actual numbers that can be a great asset to share with family and friends who may still be on the fence about regulation. These exciting new figures put Amendment 64 at producing at least $60 million in revenue and savings, with the added potential to surpass $100 million in annual revenues within 5 years. According to the CCLP, “Amendment 64 would also create hundreds of jobs, mostly in construction, and generate tens of millions of dollars annually for Colorado public school construction.”

Click here to read the full report and make sure to share this info with everyone you know!

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  • Bezukhov

    I am all for getting the government out of my lungs. But I fear one thing if legalization passes. Many youths in the inner city profit greatly from the current system, and if their normal clientèle can bypass them for cheaper alternatives, then I shudder to think what they will do to make up for that lost revenue.

  • http://twitter.com/MMJIQ MMJIQ

    Ah yes, millions and millions. Just enough to dazzle
    the eyes and mind. I see no mention of the 44 cent solution? Or
    would that be a buzz kill?

    Amendment 64 is a fine idea; however, it may actually be the
    beginning of the end of medical marijuana and the liberties the MMJ industry,
    caregivers, and growers have fought so hard to protect for over a decade.

    Don’t believe me? Look at what has happened in
    California? 800 centers are facing closure. Look at Colorado.
    Over 50 centers forced to close in the last 90 days.

    A64 may pass, and Colorado may be the 1st to create retail
    recreational model for marijuana. Then what?

    After the smoke clears, and the joints are out – the feds
    will come. Why? because they can. And all it will cost is a 44 cent
    stamp addressed to our landlords, our MMC’s, our OPCs.

    I support decriminalization; however, using Colorado as a
    testing ground for lobbyist and outside groups to further their own agenda
    troubles me.

    If A64 passes, center owners, growers, opc’s – watch your
    mailbox. The feds will come. I hope I’m wrong. But history
    has shown otherwise.