Jul 09 2012

CO NORML Reorganized and Focused on Amendment 64

Colorado NORMLvia NORML Press Release: Colorado NORML is pleased to announce that the Colorado chapter of NORML has completed a reorganization, including a new and enthusiastic board of directors, focused on helping build support and assure passage of Amendment 64. 

in Colorado this fall. Amendment 64, “The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act of 2012″, offers the opportunity to finally end marijuana prohibition in Colorado and stop the needless arrest of Coloradans who use marijuana responsibly.

Colorado NORML‘s new Board of Directors is committed to seeing marijuana prohibition end in Colorado this fall. The newly elected Board is comprised of individuals committed to the cause of legalization. The board consists of Lenny Frieling (chair), Ann Toney (vice chair), Craig Small (secretary), Rachel K. Gillette (treasurer), Sean McAlister, Shawn Hauser, Brian Vicente, Mark Miller, Lauren Davis, Phil Cherner (emeritus), Judd Golden (ACLU), Jason Savela, Titus Peterson, Eric Moutz and Lauren Maytin.

Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol

The most immediate issue facing the new board is the marijuana option presented by Amendment 64, The “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act of 2012“, which will not only legalize small amounts of marijuana for all adults over the age of 21, but will also re-legalize the production of hemp fiber, a natural resource with many applications that can save millions of acres of trees. Both Colorado NORML and national NORML have endorsed Amendment 64, and are actively working with the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol, which is spearheading the A-64 campaign, to assure its passage.

National press is speculating that the A-64 ballot initiative will likely have an impact on the presidential election.

In June, at what the Boulder Daily Camera reported as a “high profile drug checkpoint” 23 cars were stopped for the apparent purpose of locating drugs. For the inconvenience of dozens of innocent citizens, whose lives were interrupted for this effort, some pot was found in one car. On the other hand, while nationally youth use of cannabis increased 2%, Colorado youth use of cannabis has DECREASED by 2%. Colorado NORML supports the vision that government regulation is superior to regulation by criminals.

NORML’s mission is to continue to educate the public in support of the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer subject to penalty. Medicinal use is absolutely supported as Colorado currently has the best medical regulation system in the Country. Amendment 64 leaves that system intact. It is consistent with NORML’s policy, in place since 1971. Colorado NORML believes the time has come for responsible adults to be allowed to decide whether to use cannabis for medical purposes, recreationally, or otherwise.

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  • Dan Pope

    I am of the belief that regulation by responsible adults is far superior to over-regulation by the tax payer funded criminals that we elect to public office. I support 64 and will vote in favor of it. However, I am very skeptical about greedy politicians wanting to tax it. If 64 passes I predict that the penalty for growing a few plants without the expensive permit and regulatory bullshit that they surely will require will become much more severe than the current penalty. No one living in a “free” society should have to ask permission form their governement to grow a harmless plant!