Jul 09 2012

Oct 5th: THC Championship

via The Hemp Connoisseur: “The Hemp Connoisseur is hosting its first annual Colorado cannabis championship, where you, the patient, can be a judge. We are looking for patients who are passionate about the quality of the medication they use. Whether you medicate with edibles, concentrates, or good old-fashioned bud, your opinion is what matters to us…”

“Winners will be announced at our Cirque de Cannabis event on Friday October 5th at Casselman’s Bar and Venue. You do not want to miss being a part of a cannabis competition designed with integrity, professionalism, and fairness!”

For further inquiries please email david@thcmag.com and check out The Hemp Connoisseur’s website for more info about how to be a judge or how to enter your medicine.

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  • Trevor

    Hey David this is Trevor that talked to you earlier at the clinic Colorado I would still be interested if possible couldn’t find the link earlier give a call if spots are still open 7202184165

  • www.rinosupplycompany.com

    I cannot wait to participate in this! I have already started to stock up on MMJ so I can build up my tolerance.

  • www.marijuanaworldnews.com

    Sounds omterestomg. wjat was tje highest THC?