Jun 28 2012

WeedMaps Announces New Series: My Life. My Medicine.

WeedMaps has announced a new series titled “My Life. My Medicine.” According to WeedMap’s Community Outreach Director Gil, the show is being produced in an effort to “bring to light the stories of medical marijuana patients.” See the first episode below, which features medical marijuana patient Luke, who Gil describes as a “genuinely positive soul, and an amazingly strong individual”. The description on WeedMap’s YouTube post reads as follows:

“Luke is an eighteen-year-old medical marijuana patient in California. He has been suffering from a rare genetic skin disorder his whole life that causes his skin can to blister and tear with just slight contact. He is required to have hand and throat surgery every few years in order to live more comfortably.

At age sixteen, Luke first tried medical marijuana to help aid his symptoms. These symptoms include pain, night terrors, loss of appetite, insomnia, and isolation. Since then, Luke has seen improvements in all areas.

Because of their higher potency, Luke has found that medical marijuana concentrates help him sleep better. He discovered the G-Pen personal vaporizer for it’s ease of use compared to traditional methods of ingestion.

Luke has now taken his crusade for the legalization of medical marijuana to new heights as he visits with the WeedMaps team to get the message out. Please take a moment and listen to Luke tell you his story of bravery and achievement over all odds. His story will inspire you.”

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