Jun 25 2012

Colorado is on Fire! …How Can We Help?

PLEASE SEE UPDATES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.  According to a recent CBS article, “Half the nation’s firefighting fleet is now battling fires in Colorado… with 11 wildfires burning, including a fire that has scorched more than 118 square miles and destroyed at least 191 homes near Fort Collins, Colorado is having its worst wildfire season in a decade.” The situation in Colorado seems to be growing worse everyday and with our state’s rain season still potentially weeks away, things could get worse before they get better. It’s difficult to sit back and watch as our beloved state becomes consumed with this disaster. This may leave many of us wondering what we can do to help in this time of need.

Last week, we at The Colorado Cannabis Blog offered 50% of our sales to the victims of the High Park Fire (which is now considered the second-largest in Colorado’s history, having so far consumed 83,205 acres). With multiple fires now raging around the state, we’ve decided to extend our donation drive for another week… 50% of any Colorado Cannabis Blog products purchased this week will be donated to help the victims of Colorado’s wildfires.  

Twirling Hippy‘s Jessica LeRoux, whose own neighborhood was evacuated last week, has (via a recent email sent out to industry professionals) offered to help in several ways. She writes, “Twirling Hippy Confections would like to show our appreciation for the fine firefighters who put their lives on the line to protect lives and homes all over the state. Starting Monday, we would like you to give any patient who can show that they have been involved in fighting these wildfires a free Twirling Hippy Confections Edible with ANY purchase…” she asks MMC owners to “save the receipt and we will replace the item free of charge to you upon our next delivery to your MMC. Please help me give Firefighters who shop in your MMC a free edible, after all those folk’s lungs could use a break after the stellar job they are doing against very difficult odds.”

Twirling Hippy is also holding a “Fire Safety Sale” in an effort to encourage patients to switch to edibles this summer, because “the smoke and haze in the air lately is hard enough on a patient’s lungs” and “edibles require no flame, therefor the risk of fire is reduced 100% when edibles are the medicine of choice for patients who hike or camp in the back country”. For more information about Twirling Hippy’s efforts to aide the wildfire victims, please contact your MMC to find out if they will be participating in the blood drive and donation drive that is currently being planned… if not, send us a message and we can put you in touch with with Twirling Hippy directly to find out how to get involved!

Is your company or organization doing something to help the wildfire victims? If so, feel free to comment on this post or email us and we’ll share the info with our readers!  Please read further for other ways to help directly and see the bottom of this post for updates.


HelpColoradoNow.org is a partnership between the Colorado Division of Emergency Management (CDEM) and Colorado Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster (COVOAD). This initiative brings together government agencies and non-profit organizations so they may better assist communities affected by disasters.


  • To make a financial gift to the organization of your choice, dial 2-1-1 (or 1-866-485-0211) for a list of reputable agencies responding to the disaster
  • A limited number of volunteer opportunities have been identified to assist at the Donations Collection Center. Shifts are from 7:45am-12:00pm, 11:45am-4:00pm, 3:45pm-8:00pm everyday of the week. Please Click here to sign up to volunteer and list in the ‘Comments’ section your availability (date and desired shift). Please wait for the Donations Collection Center representative to contact you to schedule you for a shift- do not self deploy to the Donations Collection Center.


  • Donate ONLY those things that are requested by officials and bring them to the official designated collection centers
  • Donated rooms in homes can NOT be accepted. However, if you have a vacant house/property, you can list your offer with Northern Colorado Rentals.  This site also provides rental listings for those affected by the fire who looking for rental property.
  • Meal donations from restaurants (no home cooked meals please) are needed for some local personnel and volunteers supporting response efforts (please note that Federal Incident Command can NOT accept ANY food offers).  If you are a restaurant and want to donate meals, click here, and then wait to be contacted (never bring food to a site unless it is requested).
  • Click here to list your donation and you may be contacted if it is needed.


In times like these, we are all grateful to be safe and out of harms way (provided that is the case), but we should also be reminded that our beautiful Colorado landscape can not only provide limitless joy, but also comes with some very real danger at times, making it a necessity to think ahead, take responsibility for ourselves and support those that provide help when it is needed. With this in mind, we’d like you to consider purchasing a CORSAR Card (Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue Card).

According to Colorado.gov: For the cost of the card, you have helped ensure that trained and well equipped search and rescue teams will respond should you become lost or in need of rescue. Furthermore, volunteers will not have to incur undue expense due to your emergency. By purchasing a CORSAR card you are contributing to the Search and Rescue Fund, which will reimburse search and rescue teams for costs incurred in your search and rescue. Funds remaining at the end of the year are used to help pay for training and equipment for these teams. Anyone with a current hunting/fishing license, or boat, snowmobile, ATV registration is already covered by the fund.

The CORSAR cards are available for $3 for one year and $12 for five years, and can be purchased at over 300 retailers in the state. You may also purchase cards online.

Additional Information & Resources:

 Signup For Reverse 911 Call Systems (via CBS):

Also, checkout the video below to learn more about what you can do to protect your own home:



Available resources for fire victims & evacuees

  • Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association has evacuation checklists and claims-filing advice.
  • El Paso County Sheriff’s office: Register your landline/cell for reverse 911 evac orders or call 719-785-1900.
  • For evacuees of Waldo Canyon Fire, the Pikes Peak Library has set up a laptop lab and books at the Red Cross Shelter in Cheyenne Mountain High School, Colorado Springs.
  • Waldo Canyon Fire evacuees are encouraged to register as ‘safe and well’ with the Red Cross program designed to give relatives and friends news of safety. Family members can also search for names of loved ones evacuated in any Colorado wildfire.
  • For information on Waldo Canyon fire, call El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at 719-520-7183/7069. For non-emergency enquiries, call 719-955-0742.
  • SecureCare Self-Storage is offering 30 days of free storage at all its Colorado Springs-area locations. Call 1-877-907-1649.
  • The YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region is opening its facilities to evacuees until further notice. Also open are day camps for children of evacuees, ages 5 to 12. Evacuees can enroll a child for as many days as they need, space permitting. The Briargate Y camps are full, but the others have openings. YMCA/PPR is also offering Waldo Canyon Fire evacuees use of all YMCA Family Centers and City-Owned, Y-Operated Aquatic and Recreation Facilities free access to showers and recreation with a driver’s license and/or military I.D.
  • The Red Cross in Colorado Springs is at 719-632-3563. Red Cross shelters for evacuees are at Cheyenne Mountain High School, 1200 Cresta Road and Summit Middle School, 490 Meadowpark Drive, Divide. If you are east of the fire, the shelter remains at Cheyenne Mountain High School. The shelter at Woodland Park High School, 151 N. Baldwin St., has been closed. Call 719-785-2724 to see if family members are at a shelter.
  • Larimer County is providing fireupdates and has a public information line, 970-498-5500 (8am-8pm).
  • Larimer County instructions to ensure emergency phone notification works for you.
  • Starting June 29, IKEA Centennial is offering High Park Fire victims one-time discounts on kitchen and other home furnishings, up to $10,000, through December 31. Ikea will also pull the items and deliver them to the customer (Picking with Delivery). Offers are available to those who show proof of their loss with an official voucher provided by the American Red Cross Northern Colorado Chapter or Larimer County officials. Full details of the offer will be made available on the IKEA Centennial website by June 29.
  • Rocky Mountain Health Care Services in Colorado Springs is offering shelter and will take small pets with evacuees, 310 S. 14th St., 719-641-2747.
  • Colorado air quality, smoke forecasts are available, citing areas affected.
  • Boulder County emergency alerts can be ordered online.
  • University of Colorado emergency alerts require a separate registration.
  • Evacuees in Boulder can take small animals to All Pets Animal Hospital, 5290 Manhattan Circle, 303-499-5335.


How to donate or help communities dealing with wildfires

Original Post: How to assist Colorado wildfire victims, how to donate and help


JUNE 27th UPDATE  #1

via iCannabisRadio: Thanks to Twirling Hippy Confections LLC, The Clinic, MMD of Colorado, iCannabisRadio, Edson, Maytin and Matz LLP, and Jake’s Denver we have a moving truck coming to 3888 E. Mexico Ave, Denver, Co. 80210 to collect items (or see alternate drop off locations below).  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD and come down to the building if you can volunteer today to monitor the truck or spin a sign. Contact us for more info and we’ll put you in touch with organizers asap. This is just for SOME of the firefighters, but these are items they do without if PUBLIC SUPPORT doesn’t provide them. We need 3000-5000 each of the following:

  • sleeping masks (for firefighters sleeping day shifts)
  • tons of disposable earplugs
  • individual and bulk sized saline bottles (for eyes and nose etc)
  • tubes of nasal gel
  • cloth napkins (for handkerchiefs)
  • pocket sized paper pads, pencils, and little sharpeners
  • cases and cases of coconut water
  • BIOYTENE gum and mouth rinses
  • bags of cheap but long thick socks
Current Drop Off Locations:


PLEASE NOTE: The above list of items is being distributed within the Colorado’s cannabis community. These items will be donated to the firefighters directly, and should be dropped off at one of the locations listed above. Please see HelpColoradoNow.org for the official list of needs for displaced Colorado residents, as unrequested items will not be accepted at official drop off locations.


JUNE 27th UPDATE #2:

via AntiSoccerMom: Auction/Fundraiser… All auction money raised will go into a fund to purchase the above items for our firefighters. If you would like to purchase these items directly, please do so and drop off at one of the above locations!

ITEMS UP FOR AUCTION: (click here to bid and see new additions)

  • 25 Custom T-shirt Print from Adam Hand- creator of apparel for Rare Dankness Seed and The John Doe Radio Show.
  • DJ Services from Matthew Orloff of Epic Electronica for your business
  • Virus/malware/spyware removal, tweaking, optimizing, diagnosing, OS reloads, hardware upgrades, or can part you out  a system and order parts online to build a system from the ground up. From PC Guru Jeremy Cole
  • Two Custom silk dancing veils at $60 value each from Linda Foster Kennedy
  • Custom Painting by Jenny Kush
  • $100 worth of tattoo work by Jenny Kush
  • 4/$25 Piercing gift certificates from Jenny Kush
  • Richard Scott Taylor is donating a YEAR of voiceover work FOR FREE to any business that donates over $250.00!
  • Beautiful Multicolored Stash box by Michelle Ma Belle (pics on wall)
  • 2 sessions with amazing personal trainer life coashing guru Dennis Roseth (use before august 18th, denver area only)
  • Signed copy of Steve Elliots Little Black book of Marijuana, Come on, you know you were gonna buy it anyway!
  • 3  life coaching therapy sessions with Life Guru and personal friend Steve Krautkramer. ($300 value)
  • Signed copy of Mickey Martins book Medical Marijuana 101
  • Tainted T-shirts and Tainted Skate deck from Mickey Martin
  • Two signed copies of David Bienenstocks OFFICIAL High Times Pot Smokers Handbook- a Personal Favorite!


10% of today’s purchases at High Society in Longmont will be donated to The Red Cross (June 27th)



via Wild Fire Tees: We are a group of designers, marketers and printers who live in Colorado, love our home, and hate watching it burn.

We joined together to put our design skills to work in order to support the wildfire relief efforts in a way that far exceeds any individual check we could write.

The idea is simple: buy a shirt, give money to the relief effort, show your support for our beloved communities and the enduring spirit of Colorado residents currently living through fire.

100% of our profits will go to the Colorado wildfire relief efforts across the state.

To fulfill our philanthropic promises, we’re creating a fund with the Pikes Peak Community Foundation to help us manage the funds responsibly and transparently.


via Press Release: After watching this disaster unfold No Excuses Entertainment, LLC has decided to donate half of all their web-store earnings from their online store starting July 1st, 2012 and ending after the completion of the Cannabis Information Network, Weed Not Greed Tour in September 2012. This comes just weeks after Steve Elliot of Village Voice Media Holdings, Toke Of The Town announced that Thurlow Weed, host of the No Excuses Radio Wake N Bake w/ Thurlow Weed Show, “will be the radio voice of the tour.”
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