Jun 24 2012

Planning Underway For “The Union” Sequel

Producers of the award winning documentary, “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High” are at it again and need your help to fund the sequel. The new film, will be titled “The Culture High” and if they raise enough support, you can expect to see it in theatres across Canada, the U.S., Australia & possibly the UK.

According to the filmmakers, their goal is to “get the film out to as many people as possible.” They say that “The Culture High” will be “a film with a universal message, but Hollywood is telling us the audience doesn’t want this kind of film on the big screen or a mainstream release, this is OUR chance to prove them WRONG!”

Please click here for more info and consider making a donation to support this project!

UPDATE JULY 31ST: via The Union, The Business Behind Getting High Facebook Page: WOW! The Union, The Business Behind Getting High page now has 40,000 members and The Culture HighKickstarter campaign has raised an astonishing $223,600!!!!! OUR SINCEREST THANKS EVERYONE! There is still 3 days left to get yourself a signed DVD or special thanks credit in the film. Thank you in advance for the amazing support!

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