Jun 16 2012

Time’s 10 Reasons to Revisit Marijuana Policy Now

40th Anniversary of the War on Drugs

The 40th Anniversary of the Drug War Protest in Downtown Denver (2011) Photo By: KimSidwell.com/mmj

As we’ve already established through recent posts, American’s are poised to finally put an end to the failed experiment known as cannabis prohibition. When it comes to marijuana policy, you don’t have to look too hard to see that our collective mindset is shifting before our eyes every day. Checkout this article from Time Magazine for another great example of how even the mainstream media is waking up to the benefits of legalizing and regulating marijuana. This recent article starts out with the following statement, “Culturally, marijuana has become hardly more than a punch line. But in reality, U.S. marijuana policy is no joke; it causes great harm, both directly and indirectly” and goes on to list the following 10 Reasons to Revisit Marijuana Policy Now:

  1. Americans Increasingly Favor Legalization of Pot
  2. Supporting Marijuana Reform Is No Longer Political Suicide
  3. Teens Are More Likely to Smoke Pot than Cigarettes
  4. Marijuana Doesn’t Increase Risk of Lung Cancer, Mental Illness or Death
  5. Medical-Marijuana Dispensaries Aren’t Linked with Crime
  6. Most Drug Arrests Are for Marijuana Possession
  7. Marijuana Enforcement Targets Blacks and Hispanics
  8. New Uses for Medical Marijuana
  9. Real Marijuana Is Probably Safer
  10. A Judge’s Plea


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