Jun 11 2012

Proud Patient Project

via Sensible Colorado: Despite cannabis’s palliative and healing properties and its increasing role in mainstream healthcare, some patients still face various forms of discrimination because of their choice of medicine. ProudPatient.org, a project of Sensible Colorado, was designed to fight this systemic discrimination by encouraging patients to share their story with community members, families, friends and the public and explain how cannabis helps with their debilitating health condition. Are you a proud patient? Tell your story now!

We believe that by sharing our stories, we will help humanize the issue of medical marijuana and help broaden society’s understanding of patient’s needs and rights. By “introducing” the public to patients, we can change the public’s minds, build support for positive legislation, and introduce this valuable medicine to new patients.

Many patients find relief with cannabis that they cannot find with other medications. This site is dedicate to all those patients who are proud to use cannabis to alleviate their suffering and treat their medical conditions.


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