May 10 2012

YES on 64′s First TV Ad to Air Tomorrow on NBC

Not long after launching it’s first large mainstream marketing effort in the form of a giant billboard near downtown Denver, The Campaign To Regulate Marijuana is at it again! …this time, with a brand new TV ad. According to The Colorado Marijuana Initiative Facebook Page, their first ad will air tomorrow in a lead up to Mother’s Day. It will run on NBC during ‘The Today Show,’ ‘Ellen,’ and ‘The Doctors.’

An email announcing the new ad says their goal with this commercial is to start a conversation. “The ad directs viewers to TalkItUpColorado.org, a new public education project that will be a centerpiece of the campaign in support of Amendment 64. The site compliments the campaign’s strategy of encouraging and facilitating interpersonal communication about marijuana, particularly between younger people and older voters, such as their parents and grandparents.”

The campaign asks that supporters “watch the video below and please share it with your friends and family on FB. Then visit the link in the description to share it via email and Twitter.” We at The Colorado Cannabis Blog want to know what you think about the ad! Let us know in the comments section.

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