May 07 2012

Equalize Cannabis, Support Initiative 70

via Equalize Cannabis: Initiative 70 seeks to equalize cannabis laws with existing laws for the intended use of products derived from cannabis, be it responsible or industrial use. The campaign feels that this will create safer communities in Colorado in part by funding public schools, health care such as medicaid and rehabilitation programs. Initiative 70 will ensure equal access to economic and employment opportunities in the cannabis industry for all Coloradans as well as providing new agricultural opportunities for Colorado farmers. Click here to read I-70 in it’s entirety and visit EqualizeCannabis.com to donate or volunteer today!

(A note to our readers, Initiative 70 is different than The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in that it seeks a less regulated system… similar to tobacco. Voters need to be aware that they will be able to vote YES on ANY pro-cannabis initiatives that make the ballot. You can support BOTH campaigns! Please volunteer to help Initiative 70 collect needed signatures at EqualizeCannabis.com)


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