Apr 30 2012

ACTION ALERT: Oppose THC DUID per se bill

Colorado Cannabis Blog Acton Alertvia MPP: Late last week, SB 117 — introduced by Sen. Steve King — passed out of the Senate Committee on Appropriations and now awaits an up or down vote by the full Senate. This bill would declare anyone with five nanograms of THC per milliliter of their whole blood guilty of driving under the influence — even if the person could prove they were actually not impaired! Please email your senator, and ask him or her to vote against this bill or to at least amend it to give drivers a chance to prove their innocence.

Although intoxicated driving should not be tolerated, knee jerk ideas like per se limits lacking agreement among the scientific community are unethical and unnecessary; Colorado already criminalizes impaired driving. This law would unfairly target medical marijuana patients who could have a higher level of THC in their blood without being impaired.

 Please email your senator, and ask that this THC count only be used as a presumption of being impaired, not a per se limit.  ~via MPP

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