May 28 2012

Stanley Brothers’ Realm of Caring to Host New Radio Show. Details LIVE Tonight on iCannabis Radio at 7pm.

icannabis radioTune in to The Cure, live tonight at 7PM as Guests Josh Stanley and brothers talk about their new iCannabis Radio show, American Weed – Realm Radio; Wayward Bill will discuss the US Marijuana Party‘s political convention as well as the 43rd Annual Smoke-In! LAST MINUTE UPDATE: Also on the show, Russ Belville will talk about his departure from the NORML Network, and the exciting new things he has planned!

If you haven’t heard of iCannabis Radio yet, you can catch old shows by using the drop down menu at the top of this page, under the Media tab or checkout iCannabis Radio on Facebook… and see below for more info about The Stanley Brother’s new organization, The Realm of Caring:



Founded on April 20th, 2012, The Realm of Caring seeks to assist patients with illnesses who desire natural treatment alternatives, which have been approved by the vote of the people of the state of Colorado without prejudice by means of payment. The Realm is comprised of licensed MMC’s in Colorado who commit to donating a certain amount of sweet leaf trim as well as whole flowers on a monthly basis where then a licensed Manufactured Infused Product company donates in the manufacturing of the cannabis based oil which is then sold at literally pennies to the patients at certain Realm of Caring participating MMC’s locations or “Realm Pick Up Points”. Each patient is then referred to a participating physician who agrees to assist in the monitoring, observing, and dosage instructions for the patient. Working to secure safe and affordable access to patients in need of high quality cannabis oils The Stanley brothers have spent years perfercting their trade, working with local and State Representatives to insure quality and controls for medical marijuana development and patient care. As featured on National Geographics “American Weed” With a national following of viewers, the Stanley brothers are now working to encourage educational awareness, observational studies and continued development of high quality cannabis oils for treatment of people in need. More access for more people in need.

UPDATE: If you missed the live show, don’t worry, you can see it right here!


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  • Daniel Ray

    I am a volunteer liaison for Ballot Initiative #48 to Legalize Medical, Recreational and Industrial hemp in Mississippi. Do not know how to contact The Stanley Brothers other through this blog. Any way you could come to Mississippi and speak. My name is Daniel Ray on Facebook. Thanks to Stanley brothers for their efforts and we love them here.

  • sherri smith

    I need help!!! I have been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and pray this can help stop the inflammation in my lungs. Is it possible that this cannabus which stops inflammation in my lungs. I don’t want to die because I love life and have a lot more to live. I will try anything that may help, even if it just keeps me where I am. I’m on oxygen 24 hrs a day .

  • http://superbsushidowntown.com Brett@Superb Sushi

    I would like to help promote the cause in Idaho and volunteer to do some fundraisers here in Boise- please let me know how can I help. 208–629-6046

  • Shaun

    God bless you and your brothers for doing what you do! It’s such an amazing thing to know there are people like you out there, looking out for the children who are in need of specific strains. I wish you all the best and love everything y’all do!

  • Travis Fowler

    I would like to propose an idea to the Stanley Bros about administering medicinal cannabis, does anyone know how I can get in touch with them?

  • Budfever

    Fuck the Stanley Bros, how about publishing the strain info on Charlotte’s web!?
    I have searched and searched and they have shared 0 info on what strains were used to create it. If you care so fucking much wheres the info so maybe others can make and grow this strain out to help their loved ones and not have to buy it threw you. All about the $$ and notoriety they are getting from it.

    Guess its more important to them that they are the ones who are able to get the credit for it and the only ones to have it.

    For people looking for a high CBD strain they can grow themselves look into TGA subcools PennyWise its not as high in CBD as Charlotte’s web but at 13%CBD its the second highest I have ever seen. And hey Subcool of TGA has seeds for sale and is not hiding the origins of the strain.

  • mkels

    I really hope the Stanley brothers are doing well. They seemed like really good people and I sincerely hope for the best for them. Can anyone tell me if they’re all doing okay?

  • Leecathryn9

    I hope that the Stanley Bros are doing ok, with the fires in Colorado and they haven’t lost any of their precious crops to that fire!!!