Apr 17 2012

MMAPA to Exit MMJ Industry

mmapavia MMAPA Press Release: DENVER — April 17, 2012 — Due to extenuating factors and a lack of support within the medical marijuana community, MMAPA Executive Director Vincent Palazzotto will be closing the doors to the non-profit organization the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America (MMAPA).  Additionally, Mobile Doctors of America (MDARX), for which Palazotto served as Vice President, will cease providing medical marijuana services effective immediately.  While the decision was not easy, Palazzotto “Believes this is the best course of action for patients considering the circumstances.”  Palazzotto states, “As an organization, we wanted to be able to provide the best possible services to the community and to less fortunate medical marijuana patients, and we just were unable to provide that service due to external industry constraints often found in emerging markets.”

For MMAPA’s patients who currently receive benefits on the organizations behalf, MMAPA would urge service providers to continue providing alternative health benefits to hospice patients, disabled veterans, and the indigent who were qualified under MMAPA’s assistance program.

In closing, Palazzotto states, “It has been an honor and a privelage to serve the medical marijuana community, and to ensure the focus on patients is at the forefront of the MMJ industry.”  Moreover, we applaud organizations such as Act-4-Colorado and Sensible Colorado for their continued efforts in protecting cannabis patient rights.

As with every end there is a new beginning, and Palazzotto is excited to be launching a brand new, service related business external to the MMJ community in downtown Denver that intends to utilize the converted 1968 Airstrem mobile office formerly used by Mobile Doctors of America.  Be sure to look for it later this Spring!


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