Apr 12 2012

The Women’s CannaBusiness Network

via The Women’s CannaBusiness Network: The WCBN will be having their monthly breakfast the second Tuesday of every month at Wild Eggs Restaurant. Please feel free to invite other female cannabis industry professionals. $15 per person includes entree, coffee, tax, tip. Please RSVP to christie@thecannabisindustry.org.

Womens Cannabusiness Network

The mission of the Women’s CannaBusiness Network is to raise public awareness of the important role of women in the growing cannabis industry, to enhance the lobbying strength of the industry by emphasizing the diversity that exists among its leaders, and to provide female cannabis entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with each other and nurture young women entering the industry. Several members of the Women’s CannaBusiness Network board will be available to chat about WCBN, a project of the National Cannabis Industry Association, the only national industry association dedicated to serving the needs of legitimate cannabis-related businesses.


Women play an increasingly important role in businesses across the United States, and that includes the legitimate cannabis industry. The Women’s CannaBusiness Network offers special recognition to the women who are leaders in our industry and advocates for their interests on the national stage.

If you have a woman-owned or operated business in the cannabis industry, please join our growing movement.

Why join the Women’s CannaBusiness Network?

There are, of course, many reasons cannabis professionals – especially women – need to work together to advance the common interests of our industry and the patients we serve. Here are just a few reasons to join:

  • Network with similarly situated and like-minded women, allowing you to compare experiences and benefit from the insights of your colleagues. As female leaders in this unique industry, we have a great deal to learn from each other.
  • Promote your business by participating in Women’sCannaBusiness Network (WCBN) press conferences and other events. One of the goals of the WCBN is to hold occasional press conferences to introduce the media to female cannabis entrepreneurs, which we believe will literally help put a better face on the industry. Individuals who participate in these media events will have the opportunity to talk about their own successful business.
  • Help other women, especially young women, enter and thrive in this exciting and challenging new industry. The WCBN plans to organize events at which young women can learn about opportunities in the field. Those who are interested in mentoring younger cohorts will have the opportunity to do so.
  • Support the mission of National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). Since all members of the WCBN are members of NCIA, your NCIA dues will go toward the organization’s lobbying, public relations and industry-advancing efforts.

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    I’d love to join!

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    this is really interesting. i just found this web site and it got me more interested in building my own business now.