Mar 13 2012

Tell the Senate Not to Escalate the War on Drugs

~via The Drug Policy Alliance: The U.S. Senate is rushing to pass four bills that would expand the DEA’s power by giving themthe authority to outlaw even more substances across the country and subject more Americans to long mandatory minimum sentences. This legislation would waste your tax dollars by escalating the war on drugs and increasing the DEA’s power.

Expanding the power of the DEA is a huge and costly mistake and we are not going to let them get away with it! The Senate needs to hear from you so please urge them to block these bills that would expand the drug war.

These draconian bills would make it easier for the DEA to ban and criminalize more drugs. The legislation would make it easier for the DEA to bypass the formal drug scheduling process and prohibit substances at their own discretion. If enacted, possession of any quantity could subject someone to a mandatory minimum sentence and incarceration. This misguided legislation would make it easier for the DEA — a law enforcement agency — to decide what drugs should be legal or illegal at their whim.

The DEA has a history of consistently ignoring sound scientific research and issuing outright lies about marijuana and other drugs. They routinely reject science and common sense in favor of fear and hysteria, and are an obstacle to evidence-based drug policies.

Given their anti-science, anti-public health record, why give federal police agents more authority over more substances?

Please tell your senators to block legislation that will give the DEA more power — and demand that ideology not stand in the way of sound science!

This attempt to expand the power of the DEA and put even more people who use drugs behind bars is unacceptable. That’s why we need your help to demand that Congress stop escalating the drug war and stop these bills that would expand the DEA’s authority!


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  • Bahamax

    The real problem is that too much Payola going on to the Right Wingers. They would rather let Mexico import hundreds of tons every year to our country and in return Stimulate the Gun business , guess where ? border towns in Texas where even fence jumpers can purchase automatic weapons. We have allowed way too much Power to these pigs. Now we cant get it back. Who knows who is lying. Obious the right is so full of their own crap they eat it, digest it and believe it. Legal pot in the USA is the Best War on ILLEGAL Drugs and Black Market. I see the IRS take the tax moneys, then the DEA gets the addresses of the dispenceries , then they can do a lazy easy job busting dispenceries instead of the real important things, like Heroin, Cocaine, Meth and the lot. Maybe they should have a puff and the reality in their dead brains may awake. Pathetic it is…….We will win. Persistence Pays. They just did a Colorado in California busting hundreds of dispeceries. Now all you do is order on line and it id delivered to your door ….WTF over ??????