Feb 24 2012

URGENT: Help Stop THC DUID per se bill, SB 117

~via SAFER: The Colorado legislature is once again considering a bill that could result in unimpaired marijuana consumers being criminalized for “driving under the influence.” 

The Colorado Senate Committee on State, Veterans and Military Affairs will meet this Monday, February 27, at 1:30 p.m. to hear testimony on SB 117. Like a similar bill that failed last year, it establishes a strict “per se” limit on THC levels in the blood that could result in some marijuana consumers automatically being found guilty of driving under the influence even if they can prove they were not impaired.

The Senate is scheduled to consider the bill Monday, so please take action right away.  CLICK HERE to take action and e-mail your senator today using this system set up by one of our ally organizations.  Ask them to amend SB 117 to replace the “per se” limit with “rebuttable presumption” and give people a chance to prove their innocence.

Driving while impaired by marijuana is already a crime in Colorado.  This new law would needlessly and unfairly target medical marijuana patients who could have a higher level of THC in their blood without being impaired.  Such potentially damaging legislation should not be enacted unless there is agreement among the scientific community that such a limit is reasonable and necessary.  Currently, that is not the case.

Please email your senator today and tell them that the proposed THC limit should be used only as a presumption of being impaired and not as a per se limit.

Marijuana Policy Project: CO: Urge your senator to oppose THC DUID per se bill.


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