Nov 14 2011

Petition: Tell NIDA & The DEA To Stop Blocking Cannabis Research

According to the creators of this petition, “The FDA has approved a protocol to study the therapeutic potential of marijuana for veterans suffering from PTSD. Still, NIDA continually refuses to allow researchers to purchase their marijuana for this study. The decision is clearly political, and it’s impending research and prolonging suffering for America’s troops who have sacrificed so much for their country.”

According to NIDA’s own report, Scientists have confirmed that the cannabis plant contains active ingredients with therapeutic potential for relieving pain, controlling nausea, stimulating appetite, and decreasing ocular pressure. As a result, a 1990 Institute of Medicine report concluded that further clinical research on cannabinoid drugs and safe delivery systems was warranted.”

Here at Colorado Cannabis Blog, we just don’t get it …why would a government organization block attempts to study a plant that may help their own veterans? especially plant, that has still never been proven to cause a single death? How can this be justified in a “free” country?  Whatever their reasons for standing in the way of science, please sign this petition and let them know that they don’t speak for us! Petition: NIDA and DEA: Stop Blocking Medical Marijuana Research for Treating Veterans with PTSD


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